Google recommends that you provide a global product identifiers such as UPCs, EANs, Barcodes, MPNs etc (also known as a GTIN) when you submit your products for free and paid Google Shopping listings. By default, Omnivore will include any GTIN you provide from your ecommerce store in your product feed to Google.

Google checks the GTIN that you provide to make sure it is valid, if it finds that your GTIN is NOT valid, your products will not be approved for Free or Paid Google Shopping listings.

You can check GTIN existence here

To see if you have any products impacted by this, you will see in the Google Product Feed Dashboard under the Products Section - Not Listed - Product Errors  e.g

You may also see an error like this:  validation error = Issue: Use a globally valid UPC, documentation:

You can either update the GTIN in your ecommerce store and Omnivore will update Google. Alternatively, you can remove the GTIN from your feed altogether if you can't provide a valid one.

How to remove your GTIN's from your Google Feed

  1. In Omnivore, go to Settings - Google Product Feed - General. Scroll down to  Other Product Settings
  2. Check the box next to Product Identifiers (GTIN/EAN/UPC) -  Do not use product identifiers even when found in the retailer data.
  3. Click 'Save' 
  4. Go to the Dashboard and click 'Upload to Google Product Feed'