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  • Omnivore will submit all your products to Google, however not all will be 'approved'. If your products are approved, it means they can be included in free and paid ad listings.

  • If your products are not approved, you must either fix the error OR block the product from your Google Shopping feed.

  • Products that are disapproved and remain disapproved in your feed will impact your overall account health in google so we STRONGLY RECOMMEND blocking products if you can't resolve the error. 

How to see if you have products that are not approved

If products are not approved by Google, you will be able to see the errors either from the Google Product Feed Dashboard: 

OR under the Listing Errors tab under 'Products - On Google Product Feed'. 

How to resolve errors

  • There are many different error reasons that Google provide for a product not being approved. When they disapprove a product, they also provide a reason and a link to the support article in Google. For example:
  • You can copy and paste the URL provided to find out more. 

How to block products with errors from Google

  1. In Omnivore, go to the Listing Errors tab under 'Products - On Google Product Feed'.
  2. Click the products you want to block then the arrow from the 'Actions' button and click 'Block all selected'
  3. Once you have finished blocking, go to the Google Product Feed Dashboard and click 'Upload to Google Product Feed'