The Iconic is a small curated selection of fashion sellers. It is important to note that all sellers need to be approved to sell on The Iconic prior to any integration work being undertaken.

Once approved by The Iconic and you have your access into Seller Central then you can begin the steps below on The Iconic.

Step 1 - set up your Iconic profile

Your profile details need to be up to date as the management team will use these details for various aspects of your account management.  

Please ensure the correct contacts are in the correct fields and if any of these details change please ensure they are updated

Step 2 - navigate to the Iconic dashboard

There are 5 key sections that give a retailer an overview of their store account.

  1. Products - manage products, add a product, import products & manage images
  2. Orders - manage orders
  3. Promotions - my promotions & all promotions
  4. Reports - catalogue performance, eCommerce consultant & seller rating
  5. Setting - profile, Manage Users, Document Templates, Integration Management & Communication Preferences

Step 3 - Manage Users & profiles

Set up multiple users with different access profiles to align to your business.

Step 4 - Work through the Seller Academy

Make sure you and your staff work through the articles here that cover getting started, order management , listing products etc to maximise your store and sales conversion.