There are many different accounts within Google that you need depending on what products you want to use on Google.

For FREE Google Product Listings you will need:


  • A Google Merchant Centre account  - you can create this from Omnivore.
  • A Google account email address  

For PAID Google Smart Shopping ads, you will need:

  • A Google Merchant Centre account
  • A Google account email address 
  • A Google Ads account

We have simplified things so that you can create Google Merchant Center and Google Ads accounts from Omnivore. 

Please contact us if you have an existing Google Merchant Center or Google Ads accounts that you wish to use.

Account TypeAbout
Google Merchant Center
  • The Google Merchant Centre is where your product feed is submitted to. Omnivore 
  • If you don't have one, Omnivore can create one for you when you set up your Product Feed.
  • If you have an existing GMC account that you would like to use for Omnivore, please Contact Us so that we can link your accounts. 
Google Ads
  • Google Ads is where your ad campaigns are created and managed  by Omnivore
  • Omnivore will create a Google Ads account for you and you 
  • You only need access to Google Ads to manage your billing - add or change a credit card.  
Google account email address
  • This can be a gmail address or some other email address which you access via Google.