The Google Shopping tab is where shoppers go to find physical products they want to research or purchase. Within the Shopping tab you can now feature your products with FREE product listings OR PAID ad listings

FREE product listings drive customers to your website for free, but with less control compared to paid ads.

PAID shopping ads drive customers to your website. Paid ads provide tools and controls to optimize performance, such as bidding toward your business goals through Smart Shopping campaigns.

Merchants have seen an average >50% increase in clicks and >100% increase in impressions across free listings and ads on the Shopping tab - with small to medium sized merchants seeing the largest share of increases.* 

Using both free product listings and Shopping ads together is recommended.

How to get Free Google Shopping listings using Omnivore

To create free Google Shopping listings, simply add the 'Google Produ' marketplace in Omnivore and complete step 1 to create your product feed and step 2 to submit your product feed using Omnivore.