MyDeal offers the following options around Shipping

  • Rate Tables: MyDeal supports up to 5 unique rate tables per account which provides the flexibility for you to customise your shipping costs for different sets of products in your range if required.
  • Postcode Exclusions: If you are unable to deliver to certain postcodes you can provide a separate list of postcodes or postcode ranges to be excluded per rate table. See instructions here.
  • Free Shipping: If you would like to offer free shipping to certain locations you can enter 0 as the ShippingCost or BaseCost in the table.

Shipping rate tables:

Shipping Charges

  • You will need to choose how often you charge shipping - a flat rate per unit or a flat rate per quantity


Shipping TypeOutcome
Flat per unitIf a buyer purchases one chair, they are charged shipping once.

If a buyer purchases two chairs, they are charged shipping twice... etc

Flat per quantityIf a buyer purchases one chair, they are charged shipping for once.

If a buyer purchases two chairs, they are charged shipping ONCE.

If a buyer purchases different items e.g a chair and a table, the customer will always get charged for shipping for each item.

You can only combine shipping if its multiple quantities of the SAME item.

If you buy multiple items, 

Rate Tables

  • These are set up in MyDeal and your Account Manager at MyDeal will assist you in setting these up.
  • Once set up, you will be provided with a Custom ID. Enter the custom ID in Omnivore under Settings - MyDeal - Shipping. Choose the Shipping policy that you want the rate tameb  

Shipping type

If buy multiple line items, separate order.

Get charged for each item, esp if different items.

If buy different products, charged shipping cost on each item

If choose 2x one product will be charged shipping per quantity

Flat per unit 2 lots

Flat per quantity, shipping once.



All orders are single line

Multi quantity in the same line item – one order

1x scarf 1x cardigan – 2 orders 2 shippings.

3 scart 2 cardigan 2 orders and multiple shipping depending on shipping set to unit or quantity


Rate tables: talk to mydeal team who will set up custom shipping and they will provide a custom ID. Shipping type has to be custom shipping table

Shipping fee becomes irrelevant




Same as

Product feed triggered

Upload products in files of 250 max products

If give us webhooks, gather all webhooks then push up a product feed every 15 mins.

Magento inventory starts an inventory feed to my deal.