TheMarket currently supports two types of variations on a single product listing - Size and Colour. This means that a buyer on TheMarket will choose the size and/or colour of the product they are purchasing. This works well for categories such as Clothing. 

However, If your products have custom variations (NOT size or colour) then via Omnivore you can choose to put your custom variation in one of the 'Size' or 'Colour' drop downs so that the Buyer chooses the correct product. 

For example if you sell candles you may have a custom variation called 'Fragrance' which you could map to the 'Colour' drop down on TheMarket.

How to map a product attribute to the Size or Colour variation on TheMarket

  1. Login to Omnivore, go to 'Products - On TheMarket' 
  2. Search for a product with a custom variation and click the 'Product Title' in the table to view the full product details page
  3. Scroll down to the section called 'TheMarket Product View'
  4. Under 'Product Attributes' you will see 'Attribute Name' and 'Map to TheMarket attributes'
  5. If you want to put the attribute e.g Fragrance into the 'Colour' variation on TheMarket, choose Colour. If you want to put it into 'Size' you can choose Size from the drop down. 
  6. Note that you only need to do this once, all products that have the variation 'Fragrance' in future will automatcially be mapped to the Colour drop down on TheMarket.