Omnivore supports TheMarket - a lifestyle Marketplace in New Zealand. Omnivore will automate the creation of listings on TheMarket and send orders back to your ecommerce store for fulfilment. 

New Retailers to Omnivore - install the relevant app/extension for your ecommerce store. 

Existing Omnivore Customers - contact us to start the set up process

When you install the app, it will import the products from your ecommerce store into Omnivore. You can then choose which products you want to list on TheMarket.

You can also make changes to your products in Omnivore without changing the products in your ecommerce store. Change details such as the price or product titles, to have the best chance of making sales on TheMarket.

Product listings and inventory on TheMarket are kept in Sync with your ecommerce store via full product syncs and individual product/inventory updates as they happen (depending on your ecommerce store). See Product and Inventory Syncing for TheMarket for more details.

Orders from TheMarket are imported into Omnivore then sent to your ecommerce store so you can use your existing fulfilment processes.