It is the policy of the TheMarket NOT to provide sellers with email address of the the buyers when an order/sale is made. 

If your ecommerce store requires an email address (e.g BigCommerce will return the error [{"status":400,"message":"The field 'email' is invalid."}] for orders without an email address) then you can set one up in Omnivore so that all orders are sent with TheMarket Order ID followed by your domain name as the email address.

  1. Go to 'Settings - TheMarket- General'
  2. In the Default Order Email field enter ${order_id}@<yourdomainname>. For example ${order_id} 
  3. Click Update Settings

NB: This will only apply to all new orders once this setting is activated. Any orders that have failed to send to your ecommerce store for not having an email address will need to be fulfilled manually.