If you receive an Retailer Notified Failure order with the error 'Product SKU Not Found' then it means we are unable to match up the product purchased on Amazon with a product in Omnivore.

This can occur if you first listed a product as a single variant product (i.e does not have options such as colour or size) then later, the product is listed as a multi variant product (i.e product has options such as colour and size to choose from).

If this is the case, to solve the error and send the order through to your ecommerce platform:

  1. Find the exact product name that was sold on Amazon. You might need to look in Amazon directly to get that info. 
  2. Find the same product in Omnivore and open the product page in Omnivore. Go to 'Products - On Amazon' and search for the product. Click on the Product Title to get to the Product Page.
  3. Find the SKU and Retailer Ref - these show in the Variation section of the full product details page in Omnivore.e.g
  4. Find the order in Omnivore and click 'Edit' on the line item that has the error:
  5. Add the SKU and Retailer Ref with the values as they show in Omnivore. i.e in this example SKU =1589711110255  Retailer Ref: 14203746746479 then click 'Update'
  6. After updating the order, click 'Send to Retailer' - provided you have stock of the product the order will send through to your ecommerce platform.