The Omnivore, CatchFeeder and Trade Runner Magento extensions all connect to the same underlying platform, therefore we don't recommend installing more than one of these extensions to access different marketplaces.

Here is a list of marketplaces supported by the different extensions:

Marketplaces Available
Trade Runner

If you wish to list on more than one of these marketplaces you should use Omnivore for the following reasons:

  • Reduces the load on your Magento server - we don't need to make as many API calls
  • Less maintenance - only one extension to update 
  • It simplifes the management of your account - one app to login and use to manage your marketplaces
  • Installing more than one of the extensions will create problems

Please contact us before installing more than one of these extensions so that we can discuss your requirements and provide the best solution to reduce the amount of time and effort involved.

Existing CatchFeeder and Trade Runner Customers

If you're already using CatchFeeder or Trade Runner and want to add another marketplace that is not available on these extensions, we can convert your existing CatchFeeder or Trade Runner set up to Omnivore. Nothing changes to your existing extension or the way you access the application, we make the changes for you.

What happens if you have different Magento fields/attributes for different marketplaces?

First you will have to re-evaluate the need for such different fields. Omnivore has the ability to change a lot of your products properties depending on the Marketplace where these are going to be sold. This includes, but is not limited to: different price, different title, different postage, automatic or manual currency conversion, different tax setup.

There are a few use cases when you will need different Omnivore accounts, not different Magento extensions.

These use cases are:

  1. The product set is vastly different depending on the Marketplace and it's not practical to manage that using the existing blocking feature in Omnivore.
  2. The product title or description is heavily customised for the Marketplace and it's not practical to use the Omnivore title and description templating engine for the changes.
  3. You have different Magento Stores for each Marketplace.

If any of the above 3 cases apply to you, please contact us and we will implement the best solution. 

If you have already installed an additional extension and you are now having connection issues we will need to provide additional support.   

Please submit a support ticket with the following information.
  • Your existing account ID and exiting store name.
  • Any errors messages you have received.
  • Confirm what extension you had and what extension you added.
  • Other relevant information you feel may assist us.
  • In order to make the necessary change and apply a resolution for you we will assign this to our Magento developer and discuss the best course of action for you.