The eBay Australia Autumn 2018 Seller Release has now been released.

It includes a number of changes that may impact you as a seller on eBay. 

Please find a summary of the key changes, and links to more information on these below.

1. Simplified Return Options 

From May 2018, eBay are simplifying the number of return policy options, with the removal of 3, 7 and 14 day return options. 

Sellers can now only choose from the following 5 options:

  • Returns not accepted
  • 30-day returns
  • 30-day free returns
  • 60-day returns
  • 60-day free returns

eBay will also be removing the option to charge a re-stocking fee, removing the “Additional return policy details” field that some sellers may use to detail their returns policies as well as removing the option to issue a refund via merchandise credit.

See here for more info:

Please see our FAQ for How do I modify my returns policy

2. Listing in Two categories

To help buyers find your products faster and more easily, eBay encourages you to list your item in the single most relevant category rather than multiple categories.

From 4 April 2018, when you list an item in two or more categories and there is a difference in final value fees between the categories, the highest final value fee will apply when your item sells.

See here for more info:

3. Changes to eBay User Agreement 

eBay will no longer allow third party fulfilment in situations where it could be confusing for eBay customers – such as when an eBay order is sent by another retailer or marketplace.

See here for more info:

4. Changes to eBay Stores 

From May 2018, eBay are updating the eBay Stores platform to enhance the shopping experience, search engine and site security.
Your new eBay Store will be optimised for mobile shopping and will have more merchandising placements.

  • If your Store doesn’t have custom pages, it will be automatically migrated from May 2018 and will retain the same URL.
  • If your Store has custom pages, you will be invited to opt-in from May 2018, or will be migrated to the new experience at a later date.

See here for more info:

5. Updates to the Seller Performance Policy

Sellers whose level is Below Standard will be charged an additional 2% in Final Value Fees at the time the item sells. For example, a Final Value Fee would increase from 8% to 10%. Above Standard and eBay Top Rated Sellers will not be affected by this change.

See here for more info:

More info on your eBay seller status can be found here

6. eBay Guaranteed Delivery Rollout

The full eBay Guaranteed Delivery program will be available to buyers in autumn.

See here for more info:

Also see our FAQ How do I offer eBay Guaranteed Delivery?

7. Product-based Shopping Experience

The new product pages will show the spectrum of value and item conditions available on eBay – new items, refurbished items, auctions and more. 

The top product slot for an item will appear using an algorithm that combines factors such as price, inventory, delivery experience, seller standards and return options.

The new product-based shopping experience will group listings from different sellers for the same product (i.e. those with the same eBay Product ID (ePID)).

To be able to provide a simpler, cleaner shopping experience, eBay will require you to match your listings for selected categories to the eBay Catalogue.

For this to happen, please ensure you have added the required GTIN (UPC, EAN, ISBN etc...) against the relevant products in your own system.

From May, if you are listing one (or more) of the products listed below, you will need to match your listing to the eBay catalogue.
Later this year, eBay will ramp up this requirement with additional product lines and categories.
Product lines:

  • Apple TV
  • Apple iPhone (All Models/Generations)
  • Apple iPad (All Models/Generations)
  • Amazon Fire Stick
  • Amazon Echo
  • Dyson AM Cooling Fan
  • Dyson AM Humidifier
  • Dyson AM Fan Heater
  • Dyson Pure
  • Google Chromecast
  • Google Home

See here for more info:

8. Anchor Store Listing Cap
Anchor Store subscribers will no longer have unlimited fixed price listings. A threshold of 250,000 Fixed Price listings will apply per month, unless otherwise notified by eBay.

Anchor Store subscribers that exceed the monthly 250,000 listing cap will be subject to a $0.05 Anchor store Insertion fee per listing.

See here for more info:

More information on what's included in the eBay Autumn 2018 Seller Release, and how it affects sellers can be found here: