This FAQ will walk you through how to add subtitles to all of your products on Trade Me and also to a group of Products on Trade Me using a product action.

How To Add Subtitles to All Your Products

To add subtitles to ALL your products on Trade me:

  1. From the left hand nav select "Settings --> TradeMe --> General".

  2. Then enter the subtitle you wish to appear on all your Trade Me listings in the "Product subtitle" field.  Using this method is Free Text field only, you cannot add any metafield tag using this method.  Example Subtitle Text Only: 'All items shipped within 1 day'.

  3. Click the "Update settings" button when finished.

  4. Return to the dashboard and click the "Upload to Trade Me" button to update your Trade Me listings with the new subtitle.

Subtitles on a Group of Products using a Product Action

Any subtitle value you enter will be applied to ALL your listings on Trade Me using the method above. 

You can add a Custom Subtitle Product Actions to apply them to a group of products, not all products. 

Navigate to Products - Product Actions and click Create Custom Subtitles.  Make sure you have created a Product Group first as the Product Action will require one. This can be Free Text as above or you can use a meta field attribute.

If using a meta field the example screen capture below shows an example meta field

There is a charge for subtitles, see Optional Extras

More on Shopify Metafields.