This FAQ will help you understand product titles on Trade Me and how to tailor your product titles.

Adding Product Attributes

Go to ‘Settings’ – ‘Feeds’

When you leave product name template blank it will use the standard title from your eCommerce store. This is the default for all customers.

You can add product attributes to a heading by using the following;

  • $sku – this is the SKU
  • $brandName – this is the brand name (if you have it)
  • $retailerName – your store name
  • $colours – if the product comes in different colours, the list of the colours as you described them, e.g. Coral, Midnight, Gunmetal
  • $standardColours as $colours except the colour names are as mapped to the standard colour names, e.g. Pink, Black, Grey for the above example
  • $productName – the name of a product
  • $shortDescription - the short description of the product if supplied
  • $detailedDescription – the long description of the product if supplied
  • $currency – the currency of the product e.g AUD
  • $amount – the products selling price e.g $89.95
  • $rrp: product's RRP price
  • $tax: tax component of the selling price
  • category: the product's assigned category in the retailer feed

Removing Keywords

You can also remove keywords or replace/add keywords using the -## ##- notation, e.g. with the product title "Full Moon Dress On Sale":

  • Set up a template to remove "On Sale": $productName -##On Sale##-
  • Output: Full Moon Dress

  • Set up a template to replace "On Sale" with "Buy Now" (note the | to split the two): $productName -##On Sale|Buy Now##-
  • Output: Full Moon Dress Buy Now

  • Set up a template to add extra keywords around "Dress" keyword: $productName -##Dress|Party Dress, Eveningwear##-
  • Output: Full Moon Party Dress, Eveningwear Buy Now

Here are some examples

  • Example title: Converse – Leather Hi Shoe and comes in red, white and black colours.
  • Template: $productName $colours NEW from My Shoe Store
  • Output: Converse – Leather Hi Shoe red, white, black NEW from My Shoe Store

Things to Remember

  • Product attributes are case sensitive so always enter as above e.g $brandName or $sku
  • If you need to remove multiple pieces  texts, add the -##text1##- -##test2##- etc in sequence
  • Product titles are a maximum of 80 characters. If what you enter is over 80 characters, it will default back to the original title and no changes are applied
  • Use\ before $ if using a $ sign in your text for example if you want to add the text: Special Offer \$20 off for Autumn