To set up shipping where the products weight determines the cost of shipping, you need to create product groups. 

A product group is a group of products based on a criteria, in this case the criteria is weight.

To create a product group:

  1. Go to 'Products' then 'Product Groups'
  2. Click 'Add a product group'
  3. Enter the name e.g 3-5kg

  4. Enter the weight range. In this example Minimum weight = 3 and maximum weight = 5 kg.
  5. Click 'Create product group'
  6. You should see it here:

  7. Now go to Settings - Trade Me - Shipping
  8. Click 'Add new shipping policy'
  9. Add a name for the shipping policy e.g Nationwide Courier - this is what the shipping option will be called on Trade Me.
  10. Use the product group you just created.
  11. Enter the amount you want to charge for shipping in $NZD e.g $4.95
  12. Click Update

You're finished. Now, all products that weight between 3 and 5 kilograms will be charged 4.95 for shipping.

If you would like to offer multiple shipping options for these products, e.g add an Express option, you can then click 'add shipping method in the Product Group column:

  1. Add a name - e.g Nationwide Express Courier
  2. Choose the same product group as above: 3 - 5 kg
  3. Enter the shipping fee you want to charge in NZ$ e.g $9.95
  4. Click update

You will now see two shipping options for the products in the Product Group 3 - 5 kg.