This FAQ covers why you may get this app error and what to do when you do.  This is the screen you may have seen:

What to do

If you receive this error when trying to launch Omnivore from BigCommerce or Shopify then the following reasons may apply:

Accessing an eCommerce Store from one eCommerce Store Login.

  1. If you have access to multiple eCommerce stores from one eCommerce login and try to open Omnivore its likely that you will receive this error. 
  2. If you need to access Omnivore for multiple eCommerce stores please contact support and we will create a separate login. Please provide proof e.g a screenshot of your BigCommerce which shows the stores you have access to.
  3. Omnivore uses authentication data from your different eCommerce Stores (within your eCommerce Account) so if you do see this error it does not mean there is an issue with your account, it means that when opening the app, the auth and connect process has detected some store credentials that do not match-up.   Revert to point 2 for a solution.

You have switched from Shopify to BigCommerce (or Vice Versa) and you have kept the same store name.

  • If you have the same name in BigCommerce as in Shopify, for example if your Store is called "All that digi' in Shopify and in BigCommerce you will receive this error.
  • Please contact support as we will need to remove the old store in our system so that the store name can be re-used.