What is eBay Guaranteed Delivery?

eBay Guaranteed Delivery will provide buyers with an improved delivery experience. 

Through the program, you can give buyers an exceptional delivery experience by guaranteeing delivery of an item within 4 days.

You can select the regions you wish to guarantee (for example Sydney-Melbourne, but not Sydney-Perth), and select the items you want to make eligible. This guarantee is based on your confidence that your carrier can deliver to specified regions within the eBay Guaranteed Delivery timeframes. The onus will be on you to be able to meet the specified timeframes and delivery speeds.

Why Should I offer it?

  • Increased Visibility
    Higher visibility through delivery speed filtered search results.
    eBay will drive additional marketing activities to promote eligible listings.

  • More Control
    Set your own estimated delivery date, for the regions you wish to guarantee.
    Select which items you want to make eligible for this optional program.

  • Happier Customers
    Happier customers as they’ll know you offer an exceptional delivery experience.

Requirements to offer eBay Guaranteed Delivery

To participate, in the eBay Guaranteed Delivery program, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Use Postage Rate Tables to specify shipping costs and times
    Please see the following FAQ for more info on Postage Rate Tables.

  2. Offer change of mind returns to your buyers
    Please see the FAQ "How do I modify my returns policy for eBay" for more info.

  3. Set payment to 'immediate pay'
    ALL eBay listings created by our platform have "Immediate payment" set by default.

  4. Be an Above Standard or eBay Top Rated Seller
    More info on your eBay seller status can be found here.

  5. Ensure you use a tracked delivery service and upload tracking to eBay
    Please make sure you enter the tracking ID and carrier information for eBay orders in your platform.
    Our platform will then update your orders in eBay with this information automatically.

How do I Offer eBay Guaranteed Delivery?

Please see the following article which explains how to do this.

For more information on the eBay Guaranteed Delivery program please see: https://sellercentre.ebay.com.au/guaranteed-delivery