The Amazon A-to-z Guarantee provides buyers with an opportunity to obtain a full reimbursement for their purchase or cancel their authorized payment if they are not satisfied with a purchase made on a third-party site using Amazon Pay.

We encourage you to answer all buyer inquiries within 24 hours of receipt. Good communication with buyers promotes good feedback for merchants.

Buyers can file an A-to-z Guarantee claim when one of the following conditions applies:

  • They did not receive an item
  • They received the item later than the maximum estimated delivery date provided by you
  • They received the item but it was defective, damaged, had missing parts, or was not the item depicted in your description
  • They returned the item as per their agreement with you but you did not provide the agreed-upon reimbursement after receiving the item
  • You are not accepting the return of the item in accordance with the return policy posted on your website
  • They believe that you charged an amount greater than the amount authorized for the purchase

See the Amazon A-to-z Guarantee for Buyers Help topic to view the A-to-z Guarantee information that buyers see on the Amazon Pay website.