This FAQ walks you through the steps to ensure your orders in Shopify are marked correctly as shipped.

Mark An Order As Shipped in Shopify

First, you need to fulfil the order in Shopify.

If you have a tracking number, you need to provide both the Tracking number and the Shipping carrier, Most marketplaces require both.

The tracking info must be provided at the same time when you mark the order as fulfilled. 

Otherwise this info will not be retrieved by us and not updated on whichever Marketplace. 

If you do not have a proper tracking ID leave it blank. Do not enter comments or n/a or no or - o. 

Leave blank if you do not have a proper tracking ID.   

See below the Order Fulfilment screen in Shopify:

Every few hours or so, we retrieve order updates from Shopify. 

Once the order is fulfilled in Shopify and the information is retrieved, the shipping info will be updated in the marketplace. Please be aware that the update to the marketplace doesn't happen instantly when you fulfil the order in Shopify.