You can add an additional image to listings on a marketplace without adding the image to your ecommerce store. This is also an easy way to add a size chart to your listings.

Step 1: Create a Product Group

  • Go to 'Products - Product Groups'
  • Using the criteria available e.g weight, brand, category etc orĀ add a list of SKUs that you want the Product Group to consist of. You will then add the image to the products in this product group.
  • Infortmation on how to create product groups in Omnivore can be found here

Step 2: Add the image to the Products in the Product Group

  • Go to 'Products - Product Actions'
  • Click 'Create additional image'
  • Enter the required information

    • Add a Name that will be easy to identify eg in this example "eBay additional image"
    • Choose the marketplace you want to apply the titles to from the Apply to marketplace dropdown e.g. "eBay Australia"
    • Next Choose the Product Group you created from the Use product group drop down (in this example we have a Product Group named "All eBay" which has been set up to include all products listing on eBay)

    • Under 'Extra image for products' provide the URL of the image.

  • Click Save
  • Finally in order to apply your new product group image you will need to navigate to the Omnivore dashboard and select the relevant UPLOAD TO MARKETPLACE button.