Our system will keep products that have run out of stock active for a while, so that if you get more stock for the product, the available quantity in eBay is updated on the same item listed. This allows your product to maintain the sales history on eBay which helps to improve eBay search ranking of your product. 

Currently there is no automated method to end out-of-stock listings.

EBay listings can have this state in a few cases:

  1. the product was initially listed, then it run out of stock
  2. the product was initially listed, then it was blocked or un-mapped
  3. the product was initially listed, then an update error occurred and we set the quantity to zero to avoid an incorrect sale order.
    Reasons for the error can be: title has changed and eBay has rejected the new title, the category is outdated and eBay rejects it, variants have been renamed for a multi variant (multi-sku) product and eBay rejects the update due to variant name mismatch, etc. 


Please note that items with available quantity zero are not available for purchase (no Buy It Now or Add to Cart button), are not listed in your store pages and are not appearing in search results. They can only be viewed if the direct link is available, ie from your admin page only. Some of these listings will show quantity 0 available, or a note stating that the item is no longer available.