Westfield online traditionally functions on a shipment model whereby the goods are 'shipped to a store/centre address' and the seller collects the items.

This is evolving to include a multi-layered Direct Fulfillment Model whereby Westfield online will offer Seller to Customer fulfillment and more.


Fulfill from Store:   Fulfil orders from your store network in any Westfield centre, the WFD logistics network will get it to the

customer’s preferred location.

Fulfil from DC:   Fulfil orders from your existing DC network to a Westfield centre, the WFD logistics network will get it to the

customer’s preferred location, or ship direct from your DC to a customer address.

*Functions - Scenarios - Details

Within this direct fulfillment process Omnivore allows for the following *functionality:

  1. Ability to send orders to either the customers address or centre address.
  2. Ability to recognise whether a customer has opted in to seller delivery or an aggregated order (Westfield Direct Shipment).
  3. Ability to supply carrier and tracking details for the order, and at a line level, where an order has a split shipment.
  4. Ability to map to a table of nominated carriers to support 3PL provider.

Each point 1-4 is explained below:

*Function (1-4)RequirementMore Info
Point 1No UI setup in OmnivoreThe address in the order is evidence of which address was selected.
Point 2No UI setup in OmnivoreWhen Omnivore receives shipment notifications we can see if its for the entire order or just part of the order. We keep a list of all the consignments and they are visible on the order page, eg. Australia Post, XYZ123456789 and Couriers Please, CP123456789 etc. We do not see the  'opted in' flag, but we see the list of consignments and whether the order is fully shipped or not. We send those shipments over to Mirakl as they appear in Omnivore.
*Point 3No UI setup in OmnivoreThe order in Omnivore will display multiple tracking info, see below for more details under Split Shipment Orders.
Point 4
No UI setup in OmnivoreWe map retailer shipping codes, 'australia post' 'auspost' 'apost' into the WFD code australia-post for Mirakl, similarly with shippit and couriersplease. Only those 3 are mapped. As other appear, we'll map them. If we don't find a mapping, we send the courier name as is (instead of the mapped code). Mirakl still takes it, but because it doesn't know the exact carrier it doesn't populate the tracking link URLs.

Function *Point 3 - Split Shipment Orders

Line Level / Split Shipment covers 3 scenarios, these are:

All Order Lines Shipped from Same Origin (Single Shipment Scenario):  

Here the most common outcome is that all items in the order are fulfilled from the same Order origin and there is only one shipment, one Tracking ID, and all Order line items are shipped at the same time.

Order Lines Shipped from Different Origins (Multi-Shipment Scenario):  Here all items in the order are fulfilled from different Order origins and there are multiple shipments with separate Tracking IDs which are shipped at different times.

Single Order Line Split-Shipment of Multi-Qty from Same Origin (Multi-Shipment Scenario):  In this scenario an order line has multiple quantities split across shipments with the same order Origin. An example of this would be if these items were dangerous goods and could not be safely shipped together. This will require multiple shipments with separate Tracking IDs, and which are shipped at different times.

Next Steps

If you are using Omnivore to sell on Westfield online it is most likely you are being onboarded by our Integration Team.

For more information pertaining Westfield online Fulfillment please speak with our Onboarding and Support Team.