Westfield Direct require attributes such as size and gender to exactly match their defined list. There are some exceptions for size but in general, they would prefer you to use their specified size attributes. See here for exceptions (to be completed).

See this article for an example list. This article can be shared with retailers and is just an example.

Rather than us asking a retailer to change their size data so that it is an exact match, where possible we "map it for them". A retailer having to change their website size data on their website to match what Westfield Direct require has implications for both their website and other marketplaces (e.g. the size values are different for Westfield Direct and the Iconic). This can be the same for gender which has different values on Westfield Direct and the Iconic.

If a retailer does not have exactly the same size values as in the Westfield Direct value list you unfortunately will not see a product error, the product will sit in "awaiting approval" and Westfield Direct will advise either us or the retailer that the values are wrong. You will then need to map the retailer size to match what Westfield Direct require.

To manually map attributes go to Settings->Westfield Direct->General

Go to the Your Products section and then Marketplace attribute mappings

A good example is UGG EXPRESS

NOTE The Marketplace attribute mappings field is NOT visible to retailers, it is admin only

This mapping is set up using JSON code and added to the Marketplace attribute mappings field

In the above example the format is:

  • size is the Westfield Direct code for size
  • XXS is the Retailers variation size value

  • XX Small is the Westfield Direct value

To find the correct Westfield Direct value, you will need to go into a product in Omnivore which has a "size" issue

Scroll down to the Westfield Direct Product View

Click Marketplace Category Attributes in the Admin Only section

On the page that loads (e.g. https://m1.omnivore.com.au/marketplaceCategoryAttribute/listForCategory?marketplaceCode=westfielddirect&categoryId=666286) you will need to look for Code in the Name Column and the values are in the Values column on this page

Before hitting update settings in Omnivore check your JSON code using this link https://jsonviewer.arianv.com/

If the retailer has any attribute values visible on the Westfield Direct categories page, you can map any of the codes with values that are causing errors using the same logic as above.