Why your product feed is so important

Omnivore has spent a lot of time and effort into making your Product Feed for Google Shopping the best it can be. The Omnivore product feed for Google meets all of the Google requirements for product data and product attributes to ensure relevancy in search results for free and paid listings on the Google Shopping tab.

Instead of keywords, Shopping listing/ads uses your product data we provide in the feed to show your products to relevant customers. The product feed contains data such as title, description, color, gender, size etc.). This product data allows customers to search for and find your items. For example, if a potential customer searches for “emerald sweater,” the query will be matched to the product data in your feed. 

You can use features in Omnivore to enhance product data such as title and description from your ecommerce platform if your customers search on Google in different ways to the way your customers use your website.