How to create a google Smart Shopping Campaign

  1. Go to 'Products - On Google Ads' then to the 'Campaigns' tab - or click directly here from the Set up wizard on the Dashboard.
  2. Click 'Create Campaign'
  3. Complete the relevant fields:
  1. Daily Budget: How much do you want to spend each day?
  2. Target Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) - what return are you expecting on your budget? E.g if you set your budget to $100/day, what return are you expecting? If you want $200/day then you would set your ROAS to $XXX. $5 in sales ÷ $1 in ad spend x 100% = 500% target ROAS. See below for more info.
  3. Start Date - when do you want the campaign to start? put today's date if its now.
  4. End Date - choose a date or leave it running. We recommend that you leave it running.
  5. Status - set this to enabled if you're ready to go
  6. Products - choose all products or a product group. about creating product groups so that you can set a different budget and/or ROAS for different products - see below for more details.

We strongly recommend that you commit to a minimum spend of $1000/month ($33/day for 3 months to ensure there is time for your campaigns to be optimised by Googles campaign engine.  

About Target ROAS

  • Your target ROAS is the average conversion value (i.e revenue) that you'd like to get for each dollar you spend on ads. Keep in mind that the target ROAS that you set may influence the conversion volume that you get. For example, setting a target that's too high may limit the amount of traffic that your ads may get. If you set a low ROAS you will get more clicks but the quality may not be as good.
  • For higher margin products, we recommend a lower ROAS. When you set a lower ROAS target, you will get greater demand (i.e more clicks) for the products that make your business profitable
  • If you want to maximise reach/visibility set a low ROAS target the more likely your ads will show. This is a good strategy if you want to increase awareness of your website or drive demand for a new product. You will reach more people with a lower ROAS
  • Smart Shopping campaigns automatically maximise your conversion value within a given budget. If you have a minimum return goal for your campaign, you can also set a target return on ad spend (ROAS). For example, if your target goal for your campaign is $5 worth of sales revenue for each $1 you spend on ads, you can set a target ROAS of 500%. When you set a target ROAS, your bids will be optimised to hit your target within your daily budget. If your ROAS is too high, some of your budget may not be spent and your overall sales may decline.

Using Product Groups to set different Campaigns for different products

When you create a campaign for Google Smart Shopping, you can either create the campaign for ALL products, or a group of products. To create the product groups, go to 'Products - Product Groups'.

Scenario's where you might want to have different campaigns for different products

  • High priced items compared to low priced items e.g you may only want to spend $30/day promoting low price or low margin products compared to spending $100/day on high price or high margin products e.g if you're selling socks compared to designer jeans
  • ROAS is different for different products - you may be willing to accept a lower return for some items.