When your store was first set up, it had no template defined and so defaulted to the detailed description of the product. You can add extra information, boilerplate text, or additional product fields into the description using the description template. 

NB: this template is applied to all products, and cannot contain HTML. 

This template is set up as follows:

In Omnivore, go to Settings > TradeSquare > General

View the template in the "Product description template" box

The description template allows you to add custom text to all listings, plus the following data from each product.  The simplest template is therefore just:


This will have the same effect as leaving the template blank, since the system automatically inserts the detailed description field if the template is empty.  You can make the template content richer by including other fields from the product. For example, to show the product title, you would insert ${product_name}. The full set of available fields is here:

sku - product SKU

product_name - product's title (must be less than or equal to 80 characters long)

brand - brand of product

price - selling price of the product

rrp - product's recommended retail price

short_description - the short description of the product

detailed_description - the long/full description of the product

weight - product's weight

model - product's Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)

An example description template is below:

$product_name is great value at $price!  We are experts in the manufacture and distribution of kitchen utensils.  Please be aware that the purchase of knives longer than 20cm may be considered to be restricted items in the laws of your locale.