Here is a handy checklist of set up related to consider while you're getting set up:

Connect Omnivore to TradeSquare via an API Key

Omnivore needs an API key from TradeSquare to enable connection. 

  1. To generate an API key, go to TradeSquare Marketplace to login. 
  2. On the top right corner, click on your email address/user ID.
  3. Then click 'API key' from the menu
  4. Click 'Generate a new key'
  5. Save this then go to Omnivore and in 'Settings - TradeSquare - General' paste the API key in the field 'TradeSquare API Key' and click 'Update settings'

See How to add the TradeSquare Marketplace in Omnivore for more information


  • TradeSquare requires a Brand to list a product. 
  • When your TradeSquare account was set up by TradeSquare, you should have provided all the Brands that you intend to sell to ensure the Brand exists on their platform. 
  • If you don't provide all the Brands to TradeSquare, the products will not list. If you have not provided a list of Brands to TradeSquare yet, do it now.
  • The 'Brand' data is case sensitive so you must submit it exactly as it is in your systems e.g Panasonic not panasonic. You can export a list of products which contains the brand information from Omnivore by going to 'Products - On TradeSquare' and click 'Export CSV'

Choose which products to list

  • You will need to select a TradeSquare category for each product you want to list on TradeSquare. See Category Mapping for more instructions
  • If there are products you don't want to list on TradeSquare, you can either Block them or simply not choose a Catch category for them to list on. You can block a single product or exclude products by brand or keyword.
  • Please note that all products/offers need to be approved by the TradeSquare Account Managers before they will appear on TradeSquare.

Product Pack Quantity


  • If you want to change the price of products you can create a promotion to increase or decrease the price of all products or a group of products.
  • If you're an international seller i.e not based in Australia, you can also create custom exchange rates - go to 'Settings - Currencies' if you don't want to use the daily default rate which fluctuates.


  • You will need to set up shipping areas and charges via TradeSquare first. Login to TradeSquare and then go to  "My Account - Settings - Shipping and Delivery'
  • Once you have set up the shipping in TradeSquare, you can then link Omnivore to the shipping classes in TradeSquare. 
  • You can also create Product Groups in Omnivore and attach them to different shipping classes in TradeSqure so that different products can have different shipping charges

Stock Buffer

  • You can set up a stock buffer under 'Settings - Administration' if you carry low levels of stock and want to reduce the chance of overselling.

Image Size

  • Images for TradeSquare marketplace must be at least 600x600 pixels. If they are less than this, they will not be displayed.

Buyer email address

  • TradeSquare does not give out the customers email address. If the customer email address is a required field in your ecommerce system, in Omnivore please go to 'Settings - TradeSquare - General' and enter ${order_id}@<yourdomainname> in the field 'Default Order Email'. 

Product Approvals

  • When you're ready to submit products for approval, please click the 'Start Selling' link in the Omnivore Dashboard and contact your Onboarding Manager at TradeSquare to have your products approved.


  • If you have any errors on your Omnivore Dashboard after hitting start selling please take a look at this article