For retailers who do not have automated end to end flows Omnivore has the capability to accept product feed files via a CSV file format.

To upload a product feed file :

1. Navigate to the dashboard and select IMPORT FROM CSV UPLOAD

2. Select IMPORT

3. The user will be redirected to the FEEDS page

4. Scroll down to the feed buttons,  select MANUAL UPLOAD

5. User will see a popup window asking for file selection

6. Upload the file and select UPLOAD

7. Account will begin sync and ingesting the product  information

IMPORTANT NOTE:   If the CSV template column numbers or order of columns are adjusted then you must refresh the configuration and reimport and remap the columns to reflect the changes.

This is because the current code looks at the number of columns and the column index, ie if "product", "price" was configure initially, then swapping to "price", "product" will need the config updated.

To refresh the configuration navigate to SETTINGS / CUSTOM PULL CSV FEED / GENERAL.


Update the column index (number of columns) field and reimport the CSV.

Once imported you should see all available fields / columns on this same page.  A user will then need to remap the columns to the relevant fields.

Select the MAP CSV COLUMNS button and then reimport the CSV file.


"in stock" is an override function for retailers who are not sure of inventory levels   ie: if quantity > 0 but "in stock" is zero or false then there is no stock.