This article explains how to automatically populate Key Product Features for your Amazon listings (also known as bulletpoints).

In your Omnivore account, go to Settings -> Shopify Feed -> General. 

Make sure the input field Extract product attributes from tags contain a column:

Click Update if you have made changes.

Go to the Shopify product page.

Enter a tag that starts with the words product features followed by column : as in the image below

In the example above, this tag is entered:

product features: 100% organic cotton | Made in Australia

This will create in your Amazon product listing the following text:

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Made in Australia

The vertical bar character (aka pipeline) is required if you want to create more than one bullet point.

Amazon accepts up to 5 Key Product Features, please do not enter more than that.

Limitations of this method

You cannot use the character comma (,) in the text. Comma is used to separate Shopify tags, as soon as you enter one comma, Shopify will create a new tag.

The pipeline character is used to separate text for multiple bulletpoints, thus you cannot make it appear in your Amazon listing.