Adding additional text to the description of the product.

Here is how to add additional content to the product description of every listing on TheMarket:

  1.  Go to 'Settings - TheMarket- General' then scroll down to the field 'Description template'
  2. Enter $detailed_description (this includes your standard product description data) then start a new line by hitting enter twice then the text you want to appear e.g Estimated delivery is between 6 and 10 days.
  3. Click 'Update'
  4. Go to the 'Dashboard' and click 'Upload to TheMarket' to update your listings.

NOTE: There is a character limit on product descriptions so if your description is longer than 2000 characters the description will be automatically truncated so the product lists. 

Removing or Changing Text from Product Descriptions

To remove a sentence which may not be relevant to selling on TheMarket e.g Next Day Delivery add -##Next Day Delivery##- to the description template. This will remove 'Next Day Delivery' from all Product Descriptions.

To replace/add keywords use -## | ##-. For example, to replace "Next Day Delivery" with "Ships in 5 days" add the following to the description template:  -##Next Day Delivery|Ships in 5 days##-  (note the | to split the two):