Before any troubleshooting begins please prepare the Support Ticket as per the Ticket Guide.

**If the retailer has not provided enough information when they first submit the ticket and you need more information to be able to accurately troubleshoot and understand the issue use the Canned Response called 'Please provide more information to help us assist you'.  

Most common new install and setup issues for Trade Runner:

Retailer can't complete connection due to an old TradeVine account - Guide to fix:

Retailers who receive this error when trying to complete the connection process need to have their account disconnected from Trade Vine.  Dave Stewart can do this.  Please Execute the Tradevine already connected to an account Scenario in FreshDesk which will prompt Dave and send a response to the retailer.

Do's and don'ts for new retailers - Guide for troubleshooting:

Do not hit Start Selling, only the Trade Me team must do that.

Ensure the retailers have Pay Now set up with Trade Me.  Add Dave Stewart into the ticket for this request.

Do ensure the retailer has a default Shipping Method set up.

Ensure the retailer is aware that Trade Runner is free but that there are listing costs associated with listing on Trade Me.

Ensure the retailer understands that if a product is mapped to a trade me category then that product will list on trade me.  Feeds are automatic, they have to use blocking or do not map to a category to stop products from listing and updating.

Retailer is unable to connect to Trade Runner from their E-commerce store.  Guide to fix:

With connection issues please ensure the retailer provides Store ID/Name Trade Runner Account Name, the exact error message specific to the platform they are connecting from.

Shopify:    The most common issue for new signups is when the retailer has previously installed the Trade Runner app.  There are several scenarios to understand, this article explains -

Bigcommerce:   As with Shopify the same applies to Bigcommerce - 

Magento 1 and 2:  for both Magento 1 and Magento 2 signups and installations please read below, we have created a separate section to cover this.   

WooCommerce:  WooCommerce does not connect via an App,  Trade Runner connects to WooCommerce via the Rest API.   Like Magento the WooCommerce signups may require whitelisting IP Addresses which can be found here 

Retailer is setup but has issues with Shipping.   Guide to fix:

Trade Runner retailers will see an error on their Dashboard if their default shipping is not set up.  Guide them to set this up and ensure they do an Upload to Trade Me to confirm the setup. 

Retailer has connected but no products are syncing.  Guide to fix:

Magento setup and installs for Trade Runner:

Please consider these points when, 1) you are helping to setup a Magento retailer 2) when you are helping a retailer who has Trade Runner and they add another App (eg. CatchFeeder) 2) a retailer wants to migrate from Magento 1 to 2

Guide to troubleshooting:

There are two ways to install the plugin to use Trade Runner, using the Connection Manager in Magento, or uploading and unzipping the files directly on the server.  Determine which method the retailer is using.

Most of the Trade Runner Magento FAQ's cover basic setup and install issues so always check those first.

If a Magento retailer wants to install another App to connect to a different marketplace advise them to do so with our assistance.

If they have already installed another App to connect to a new marketplace it will have broken their Trade Runner connection.  This has to be escalated to development to be fixed.   This FAQ covers the scenario but it does not cover the fix -

There are two options for the above scenario they can have a Trade Runner account and a CatchFeeder account which means they will view two separate Dashboards OR they can migrate to Omnivore, have one Connection and have multi-marketplace.  

Upgrading to Magento 2 requires creating a new Trade Runner account - this is the only FAQ covering this scenario -