Step 1: Get a Catch Account

  • To get selling on to the Catch marketplace, first you will need a Catch Marketplace account. To get this, please contact Catch 

Step 2:  Generate an API Key for Catch

  • Once you have the Catch account set up, you will need to generate an API key. 
  • Go to Catch Marketplace to login. 
  • On the top right corner, click on your email address/user ID.
  • Then click 'API key' from the menu
  • Click 'Generate a new key'
  • Save this to enter into Omnivore later.

Step 3: Set up Omnivore

  • If you're new to Omnivore, simply select Catch Marketplace during the sign up process after installing the Omnivore app and follow the prompts.
  • Existing Omnivore Customers: Make a request to your key contact or customer support to add Catch Marketplace to Omnivore and provide them with your API key.

For further information refer to our Catch Checklist