The Omnivore extension for Magento v1 is available to download here: Omnivore Magento 1 Extension v1.1.7

Save the file to your desktop.

How to install the Extension:

  1. Login to your Magento Store Admin Panel
  2. Navigate to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager
  3. Under the heading 'Direct package file upload' click 'Choose File'
  4. Select the file saved on your desktop that you downloaded above and click 'Upload'
  5. The Console Box displays the results of your install.
  6. Click Refresh to see this extension added to your Extensions List
  7. Return to your Magento Store Admin Panel.  You should now see Omnivore in the top navigation.

Congratulations, you have just installed the Omnivore extension. 

Next step: Set Up Omnivore and a Marketplace of your choice

If you are having problems installing the Magento Extension, read this article for detailed trouble shooting tips and help.