The Omnivore extension and support Integration extension for Magento v2 is available from the Magento Marketplace

How to install the Omnivore Magento 2 Extension:

  1. Make a back up of your site (just in case).
  2. Copy the zip file to your server
  3. Create the 'app/code/CityBeach/Omnivore' directory in your Magento 2 base directory (at least the 'app' directory should already exist)
  4. Create the 'app/code/CityBeach/Integration' directory
  5. Unzip the omnivore file inside the ''app/code/CityBeach/Omnivore'' directory
  6. Unzip the integration file inside the ''app/code/CityBeach/Integration'' directory
  7. Run the install script via the "php bin/magento setup:upgrade" command
  8. Update the DI via the "php bin/magento setup:di:compile" command
  9. Change/check that the file ownership and permissions are still correct (depending on you server environment).

Please note:

If you wish to install via Composer please follow the process outlined here

You should see 'Omnivore' in the Magento admin page (bottom-left). This link will take you to the Omnivore page on your Magento admin site. 

Click this then click ‘Go to Omnivore’. The "Go To Omnivore" button will then link you to the Omnivore site registration page (or Dashboard once you have registered).

Accept the terms and conditions and click ‘Create account’