Before you begin:

Before you install in Production please check if you already have an Omnivore account, previous ecommerce store or Test/Staging environment.

If so, we can assist you with the install.  Simply submit a request online with the subject line "Magento Install".

Step 1: Navigate to the Magento marketplace and install the Citybeach_Omnivore extension that is available here :

Step 2: Navigate to your Magento Admin application. You will notice a new button in the top nav bar, named Omnivore. Click on the button, and a page like this should be visible:

Step 3: Click the button “Go to Omnivore”. You will be directed to the below screen. Enter the retailer store name and select the “Create Account” button.

Step 4: Once your account is created Omnivore will then sync with your Magento store.

Step 5: The next step is to decide which fields will be imported from your store to display on eBay.  Pay attention especially to fields that contribute to variations, eg: size and colour related.

Drag and drop Magento product fields across onto Omnivore product fields. These can be edited later later on if these are incomplete or incorrect.

Click “Finish” when complete.

Step 6:You're finished! 

We will finish the rest of the marketplace set up for you. Just let us know you've done your part - submit a request online or email with the subject line “Westfield Store Set Up”.