How to test various marketplace integrations.

General info

Pick one of the test stores, the recommended ones are these, but you may use your own if needed.

Shopify: All That Digi

BigCommerce: CityBeachSoftware

Magento 1:

Magento 2:


Logins for the actual test stores are here:

Do not delete test products that were created to test specific use cases. Or else.

To see the live product listing in the marketplace, do this:

1. From the product page in Omnivore, click on the link next to URL in the "Marketplace" Product View section.

For these marketplaces, that link should be valid immediately after the upload: 

eBay, The Market, todo

For these marketplaces, that link is valid only after the "download active items" completes:

Trade Me, todo

2. From the Active Items on "Marketplace", the link in the column Item ID (marketplace listing).

3. For some marketplaces it's also rather easy to login to the marketplace account and see active listings.

Eg: Trade Me, The Market, eBay (if you're willing to ignore OOS listings), Amazon (if you get over the 2FA hurdle)

If you're setting the marketplace integration from scratch, it may take a while to fill in all required data, eg shipping.

Some of the error messages are incorrect or inconsistent.

You will not be able to upload the product unless:

1. All setup steps are complete, whatever the Omnivore code thinks these should be depending on the marketplace you're setting up.

2. The status field of the marketplace config is "set-up-complete" ie you have clicked the "Start selling" button. 

You can see the actual value in the database like so:

Retailer Admin -> New Dashboard -> look for "marketplace code"MarketplaceConfig raw data -> status = set-up-complete


This one is hard(er) due to:

1. It's hard to get into the account due to 2FA, the code being sent to Ivan.

2. Our account cannot list random products, it needs to be a real UPC + product title + brand.


This one is for Werner to fill in.


Pick your test store.

Connect it to the ebay account miptestau. Password is here:

Alternatively, find an existing site already connected to miptestau and copy the credentials using this page:

Retailer Admin -> New Dashboard -> ebayMarketplaceConfig "New" OAuth values

The Market

Pick your test store.

Connect it to the Omnivore test account, ie go to Settings -> The Market -> General

enter Merchant Id = 4407 and Connect to TheMarket DEVELOPMENT environment.

To login to the Dev environment as an admin:

Login: Omnivoreint

Password here

The you have to select the correct account from the dropdown top left-ish, ie Omnivore

Depending on what products you push, you might need to do some mapping. Claire said that products will be auto-approved for that account if all data is correct, ie you should not see products in pending.

Products that are "pending" cannot be seen in a listing page.

Products that are active can be seen.

Trade Me

If you want to avoid getting the error: 

This Trade Me account has already been connected to another Tradevine account

use the test store All That Digi from m6:

Alternatively, copy the credentials:

Retailer Admin -> New Dashboard -> TradeMe Auth all 3 values must be filled in.

To login to the Production test account:

Password is here:

At the end of your testing session, you have to end all the listings. Or else get a lecture from Dave Stewart. 

The easiest method is this:

From the product list page in Omnivore, block all products.

Then from the Dashboard, Upload to Trade Me. 


Verify that all listings are gone:



To do.