Here is a handy checklist of set up related to consider while you're getting set up:

Connect Omnivore to TheMarket via the Merchant ID

  • Omnivore needs a Merchant ID from TheMarket to enable connection. TheMarket will provide this to you when your TheMarket selling account is set up.

Choose which products to list

  • You will need to select a TheMarket category for each product you want to list on TheMarket. See Category Mapping for more instructions
  • If there are products you don't want to list on TheMarket, you can either Block them or simply not choose a TheMarket category for them to list on. You can block a single product or exclude products by brand or keyword.


  • If you want to change the price of products you can create a promotion to increase or decrease the price of all products or a group of products.
  • TheMarket is a New Zealand Dollar based marketplace, If you're a seller based outside of New Zealand, you can also create custom exchange rates - go to 'Settings - Currencies' if you don't want to use the daily default rate which fluctuates.


  • You will need to set up shipping charges via TheMarket. 
  • There are two options, Standard and Bulky. All shipping defaults to Standard.

Stock Buffer

  • You can set up a stock buffer under 'Settings - Administration' if you carry low levels of stock and want to reduce the chance of overselling.


  • TheMarket does not give out the customers email address. If the customer email address is a required field in your ecommerce system, please go to 'Settings - TheMarket - General' and enter ${order_id}@<yourdomainname> in the field 'Default Order Email'. 

Start Selling

  • When you're ready to push products up to TheMarket, click the 'Start Selling' link in the Dashboard.