Make sure you can see the Google Shopping tab in your Dashboard, if its not there contact us so we can add it for you or click the 'More' tab on the Dashboard. Once you've added the Google Shopping marketplace, start a full sync with your ecommerce store from the Dashboard so that the products can be imported into Omnivore for Google.

Set Up Google Shopping

Step 1:

Step 2:

  • Login to your Google Merchant account and in the ‘Products’ area there should be a section called 'Feeds' where you add the URL from Omnivore you copied in Step 1.
  • See this Google FAQ for details:
  • Make sure you are setting your feed up in Google as a scheduled feed and you set the time to pick up your feed from Omnivore at least once per day.

Step 3:

  • In Omnivore you need to choose the products you want to push through to Google by choosing a google category for them. From the Dashboard make sure you’re on the google tab, then click ‘Choose Category’. It’s a bit like choosing categories on eBay for your products to list in. 
  • You can also exclude products from your Google Shopping Feed by Brand, Keyword, On Sale or Category. Go to 'Settings - Google - General' to set these up.
  • Once you've finished choosing Google categories for your products go to the Dashboard and click 'Upload to Google' to update your Google Shopping Feed.

You should now be able to manage your campaigns in Google and keep the products up to date in Google via your Omnivore google shopping feed.