This is the process of going through all your products and linking or mapping them to an Trade Me category so that customers can find them where they would expect to when they search. 

For example, a pair of womens jeans would be mapped to the category ‘Jeans’ category under Womens Clothing, Clothing Shoes Accessories.

Note: All products must have an associated Trade Me category mapped to them for the product to be listed on Trade Me for sale.

There are 2 options available for mapping a product:

  1. Map a single product to one marketplace category, ie Single Product Mapping Rule.
  2. Map a retailer category to one marketplace category, ie Category Mapping Rule. All products within this category will be mapped to this marketplace category, see the rules below.

The mapping rules are applied in the order: most specific to least specific, ie first Single Product mapping, if any, then Category mapping, if any. 

If a product belongs to more than one category, and the categories have mapping rules, the mapping rule for the category with the smallest number of products will be used, we consider this one to be the most specific category.

If a category is marked as "Ignored", it is not considered for the purpose of mapping.