In order to comply with the eBay policy on external links in product descriptions, you may need to remove certain links from your product descriptions, before listing them on eBay. 

For example, you may need to remove a link to the "Returns Policy" page on your own eCommerce store, from ALL your products descriptions on eBay. 

Our system allows you to do this by creating a "Description template".

Create a Description template

To create a description template for your products, use the left hand menu to select  "Settings --> Feeds":


By default, the description template is blank so that the standard product description from your eCommerce store is used for eBay. 


To remove a link from every eBay product description, enclose the link to be removed in -##[text]##-


to remove the link "<a href="">Returns Policy</a>"  from every eBay product description, enter the following:


  • A description template is applied to ALL your eBay listings.
  • If you need to remove multiple pieces of text, add the -##text1##- -##text2##- etc in sequence.
  • Use\ before $ if using a $ sign in your text. For example if you want to remove the link: "<a href="">Special Offer \$20 off for Spring</a>"

Further information on the eBay links policy is available here.