If you are having problems connecting your Magento store to Omnivore, the usual reasons are these:

  • The Magento Admin app is installed at a custom URL location and the extension cannot figure out the correct URL of the Magento XML/RPC API.
  • The expected URL for the API is of the form: https://example.com/index.php/api/xmlrpc corresponding to an Admin url of https://example.com/index.php/admin
  • A firewall is blocking access to the Magento server. Please whitelist the IPs of our production servers, see here for a full list of  Omnivore IP Addresses 
  • If the url is secure, ie uses https, make sure your SSL certificate is valid. A self-signed certificate is usually not enough.
  • The installation failed to complete all required setup steps in Magento. Things to verify:
    • There’s a new SOAP XML/RPC user named omnivore_user
    • There’s a new SOAP XML/RPC role named omnivore_role
    • That user has that role
    • The role is set to with Resource Access: All
    • A new database table named citybeach_omnivore_rego was created and it contains a single record with a non blank email and key.

If you are still stuck, please contact us with a full description and screenshots if possible of any errors etc.