On occasion, an error will be reported by Shopify when we try to create the order in your Shopify system.

Below are listed the usual error messages and their explanation.

Error message: {"errors":"Unable to claim inventory"}

Error message (example, actual numbers will vary): {"errors":"Inventory not available; Asked for {5184082563=\u003e1}, got {5184082563=\u003e0}"} 

Error message: {"errors":{"order":["Line items is invalid"],"line_items":["Title can't be blank"]}}

Explanation: the product is out of stock, i.e. inventory quantity is zero in Shopify. Either increase the inventory and resend the order or cancel the order in our system and refund the customer using the eBay application interface.

Error message: {"errors":{"customer":["Email is invalid"],"order":["Customer Email is invalid"]}} 

Explanation: Shopify has validated the email address of the customer and concluded that it is not valid. 

This could be an obvious reason, e.g. malformed email address, or a more subtle reason, e.g. : the domain name has no MX record, or the domain name does not have proper DNS records. 

In this scenario it is up to you to decide if the order should proceed or should be cancelled. If you want to proceed, you will need to edit the email address in our order system to a valid email address, then resend the order.

Error message (example, actual numbers will vary): Cannot find product variant, sku: 1234567890, retailerRef: 54321012345 

Explanation: the product or the variant cannot be found in our system, thus it cannot be sent to Shopify. 

This can happen:

  • If you've deleted the product in Shopify.
  • If you made it unavailable in Shopify when it runs out of stock.
  • If you have created the listing manually in eBay, therefore that product is not in eBayLINK or Shopify.
  • If you use multiple integration tools or apps, other than eBayLINK to mange your listings, this is not supported as it causes these errors.

Error message: {"errors":{"billing_address":["Province can't be blank"],"shipping_address":["Province can't be blank"]}} 

Error message: {"errors":{"billing_address":["Province is not a valid region in New Zealand"],"shipping_address":["Province is not a valid region in New Zealand"]}}

Explanation: Make sure the State field in the Address is not empty and contains a valid value.

For Australia use the abbreviated form, eg: NSW, QLD, etc. See Postal code on this page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/States_and_territories_of_Australia

For New Zealand use the abbreviated form, eg: CAN, AUK, etc. See List of regions on this page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regions_of_New_Zealand 

Error message: {"errors":{"billing_address":["Country can't be blank"],"shipping_address":["Country can't be blank"]}}

Explanation: Make sure the Country field in the Address is not empty. Also, make sure that the country is enabled in the shipping methods of your Shopify store.

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